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Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:sheenzi
Model Number:other, E988
Type:Massage Belt
Feature:Blood Vessels Removal, Anti-Puffiness, Operation
Work part:waist
Similar products:used for wrist, neck, knee.



energy slimming belt03

1.negative ion


3.magnetic therapy

energy slimming massage belt


Nano spontaneous heat: strong functions on remove fat, lose weight.


With this heat fat in our body will be dissolved and dliminated, as well as toxin and metabolism wastes.


When it doesn’t produce heat, it can maintain body organization.

FIR is electromagnetic wave with wavelength 0.76-1000 micrometer. From short to longer, the sequence of wave spectrum in electromagnetic wave is:Y ray,X ray, ultraviolet radiation,visble light, Infrared ray,MMW(millimeter waves),microwave,radio wave.


Medically infrared ray with length more than 2.5 micrometer called far infrared ray. The infrared ray with wave length 4 to 14 micrometer can match our body radiation and produce warming effect. It will promote our metabolism, so it is called “the light of life”.


1) Stimulate acupuncture, clear the meridians, promote and improve local and systemic blood circulation, regulating the nerve system


2) Warm cells, activate endocrine, analgesic remove cold, the dilation of blood vessels, and relieve fatigue and pain


3) Increase soporiferous quantity, increase brain wave –a wave, relieve fatigue and restore energy.


{Application scope}

Waist injury adjuvant treatment of diseases such as waist

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