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Taiwan newest ultrasonic atomizer/2016 new rebuildable atomizer/essential oil perfume atomizer

Type:Ultrasonic Humidifier
Installation:Tabletop / Portable
Power (W):13.2
Voltage (V):14.4
Place of Origin:Taiwan
Model Number:other
Brand Name:sheenzi&oem
Humidity Control:Humidistat
usage:aroma oil diffuser
packing:with box

Taiwan newest ultrasonic atomizer/2015 new rebuildable atomizer/essential oil perfume atomizer  


Specification and Feature

1. Safety: No risk of over heating and / or explosion since the cool mist is generated by ultrasonic, not flame or any kinds of heat.
2.  User Friendly: You can set levels of output and time to your own personal settings.
3. Operation: Once filled the unit can operate for up to 6 hours.
4. Digital Control: To save energy and prolong product life, a digital controller is designed for safety stop when water is below the recommended water level.
5. Functions: Can be used as humidifier, atomizer, and air purifier.
6. Features:  Special night-light installed.



1.Take off the cap and fill water into humidifier.

2.The max Water level is eighty percent full.
3.Put the cap back to the base plate and let it catch to the base.
4.Put one side connecter of usb line into the device which 
  can apply usb power. Wait 10~15 second, it will atomize.
5.The atomizing period is about 10 seconds


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