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Sell well Ultrasonic mist aroma diffuser/perfume mist/ portable aroma diffuser

Power Source:Electrical
Type:Air Ionizer
Power (W):15
Voltage (V):24
Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:sheen-zi
Model Number:E509

Ultrasonic aromatherapy atomizer

External Diemesion:17.5cm*15cm*11cm
Maximum working voltage:24V/650mA
Maximum imput:15W
Operation frequency:1.7MHZ
Atomizer rate:50-60ml/hr(Max)
Time switch(5settings)
1.unit works continuously until low water level is reached and it will stop
2.unit works continuously for 2 hours and will automatically stop
3.unit disperses for 5 seconds and rest for 40seconds
4.Unit disperses for15 seconds and rest for 50 seconds
5.Unit disperses for 30minutes and rest for 15minutes
Product features:
Safety:No risk of over heating and /or explosion since the cool mist is
generated by Ultrasonic ,not a flame or any kind of heat.
User friendly:Level of mist and output duration  can be adjusted to reflect you
own personal needs.
Operation:once filled the unit can operate for up to 5 hours.
Digital Control:Digitally Programmed to stop automatically when the minimum
water level is reached.
Function ,can be used humidifier ,atomizer,or air purifier
Features:Special night-light installed.
Help increase the humidity in a room; help sufferers colds, sore throats and
asthma recovered from sickness; help cure your headaches, insomnia and
air-conditioning sickness.


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Aroma Atomizer, Diffuser

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