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Scraping treatment equipment /Health gua sha treatment

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Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:sheenzi
Model Number:sh-006


1.efficient and health

2.Chinese traditional treatment

3.promoting circulation

4.clearing out the interior heat

Scraping treatment equipment /Health gua sha treatment


Gua Sha is a kind of Chinese traditional treatment; it’s a popular treatment for sunstroke by scraping the patient’s neck, chest or back. Also it can cure other sickness, like dizzy, chest distress, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea and so on.



moxibustion instrument: This function can warm channel and expelling cold, promoting circulation remove meridian obstruction, strengthening yang-qi, drawing out the pus, clearing out the interior heat, beautify skin, regulate dysmenorrheal, kidney maintenance, preventive health functions.

Lodestone physiotherapy: It adopts professional physiotherapy magnetism, with function of analgesic and anti-inflammatory, lowering blood pressure etc.

Gua Sha function: This function can dredges the channels and collaterals, promoting blood circulation by removing blood stasis, improve metastasis, elimination of toxicant, yin and yang conditioning etc.

Medication and physical therapy: Used with different essential oils according to different functions, it will reach ideal effects.


2. Therapy:

It uses impedance principle of ceramics’ positive resistance coefficient, combined with far infrared rays. Radiation of far infrared rays penetrates epidermis, connective tissue, blood vessel and nervous system. Biological cells absorb these energy quickly and cause resonance oscillation, which will make our human tissue occur warm effect, strengthen vibration of biological cells’ water molecule, activates cellular tissue.

The effects will be much better if you use it with aromatherapy, it can cure a lot of sickness. The unique energy of far infrared rays guides essential oil to body part with obstacles. For example, when the blood and qi circulation is not smooth, the heating of far infrared ray will promote blood circulation, and the essential oil can strengthen elimination of toxicant of liver, improve metastasis, clear out the sludge easily, like heavy metal and toxin in our body.


3. Use method

1)      algomenorrhea:

 Take the navel as the center, hot compress belly by move outside in circle slowly. It will alleviate pain and improve blood circulation. If stomach upset, move it around belly, it will alleviate pain also.

2)    stiff neck (caused by cold or an awkward sleeping posture):

Used with essential oils, scrape on neck slightly.

3)    Back pain:

When back has pain, scrape it on back according to this sequence: middle—left—right, from top to bottom, and then back to shoulder. But keep scraping time within 15minutes.After hot compress and scraping, remember to drink more water. This will help our metastasis.

4)    Eye physiotherapy:

Using it for hot compress around eyes for eye fatigue.

5)    Alleviates coughs:

Hot compress on throat and pit can alleviate cough caused by air allergy.

6)    Other parts of our body:

Hot compress other parts to alleviate ache and any discomfort.

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