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round cotton balls/mercer crochet cotton ball/synthetic cotton balls

Properties:Injection & Puncture Instrument
Brand Name:sheenzi
Model Number:other
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
packing:with plastic bag
usage:for bath
fetures:stocked, eco-friendly
function:good for health


1.Cleanses skin pores in eliminating blackheads, dirt&oil

2.Kills acne/pimples-causing bacteria

3.Naturally moisturizes you

round cotton balls/mercer crochet cotton ball/synthetic cotton balls

Konjak Sponge is also called Konjak face cleaning sponge and konjak skin cleaning sponge. It uses wild plant Konjak as material, whose essence is extracted through special process. It cater to modern life tide of advocating nature and getting back to basics, meanwhile it contains modern nobly and elegant interest, it’s a perfect unity of original and modern, a combination of nature and technology. It’s a popular personal care product in Japan and Korea. It’s used frequently like towel. It can be used to wash face and for bath. Besides clean skin, it also has other functions: whitening , Moisturizing and water replenishing. It’s made from natural pollution free Konjak fiber, without any chemical, spice, pigment, this will ease our skin from burden.



  1. It’s rich in Konjak essence—Glucomannan. The good biocompatibility won’t cause any poisonousness to our skin cell. It provides abundant nutrition to our skin cell, remove aging signs, smooth skin and exhibit youthful activity again.
  2. The unique natural heteroglycan fiber, soft molecular chain can penetrate deeply into pores to unblock dirt and oil while sweeping away dead surface cells that can cause future breakouts.It will keep our skin away from dirt and environment pollution, make skin breath normally.
  3. Itself has faintly acid, even if without facial cleanser, it also can remove residual dirt, cosmetic and various harmful matter.
  4. hairdressing emperor: Ceramide can console the trace of aging. Using Konjak sponge for massage will remove keratin,prevent wrinkle and melanin in cuticle. Long-term usage can promote metabolism and blood circulation.
  5. Natural moisturizing essence could more effectively lock water.
  6. Made from natural no pollution Konjak fiber,have no stimulation to our skin.It’s very soft and exquisite, specially suitable for infant,women delicate skin and sensitive skin.
  7. With strong ability of absorbing water,it is more convenient and easy.Only need half cup of water,it will bring comfort and elegant feel,at any places and time.
  8. Unique negative ion has the ability of sterilization and depressant effect.So it will refresh our head,bring the feeling of fresh and meditation,relax ourselves from mental exhaustion and think more clearly.



  1. This soft skin cleaning sponge is made from natural Konjak.
  2. The main ingredient of Konjak is Glucomannan,it will greatly make our skin smooth, it has a good effect on removing makeup.
  3. It will produce a lot of foam when using with facial cleanser,clean the pores thoroughly.
  4. It has alkalescence,so it can clean our skin even if without facial cleanser.


Use method:

  1. Put Konjak sponge into water for 3-5 minutes the first time you use it,meanwhile pinch it gently.Wait and use it after it become soft.
  2. Flat pressing it by hand after using,don’t twist it. Store in a cool and dry environment.



Pay attention to followings,especially in summer:

  1. It’s strongly recommended that keep it in refrigerator after using.
  2. It’s made from plant fiber.If put it in a place with big damp,it will easily cause mildew and can’t be used again.So don’t keep it in bathroom with big damp.
  3. It’s combustible product,so dry it with fire.
  4. Don’t put it at somewhere that children can touch.
  5. Discontinue use it if irritability occurs.
  6. Don’t use solid sponge directly,please put it into water for some minutes.


Product standard:

6.5*11*3.2cm (it’s suitable to clean our face)



100% Konjak Glucomannan,that is 100% natural Konjak fiber.


Suitable for use:

It’s suitable for all who pay close attention to skin care,especially for infant,women delicate skin and sensitive skin


The difference between Konjak Sponge and other sponge products:


1.100% natural plant Konjak Glucomannan, free from chemical,without damage to our skin.

2. It’s made with pure handiwork.It need a duration of 2 months to draw out Konjak Glucomannan for a product.

3.The common sponge, face puff and bath ball are only supplementary for skin cleaning, mostly they have chemical.While our Konjak Glucomannan has the function of cleaning and moistening.

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