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RF tighten skin / wrinkle removal / facial lift

Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Sheenzi/OEM
Feature:Face Lift, Skin Rejuvenation, Weight Loss, Wrinkle Remover
function:beauty and weight loss

How does RF wrinkle remover work?


RF —radio frequency penetrate through the skin, using the resistance formed by the skin to produce energy, which make the tempertature of rock-bottom skin increase so that it could tighten dermal collagen and stimulate collagen proliferation. So RF-Radio Frequency have 2 curative effects both on firming skin timely and make collagen regeneration lastingly. After 2-6 months’ treatment,the collagen will gradually proliferate,rejuvenate ,thus result in tightenning the flabby skin.


What’s the effect of RF wrinkle remover?

Firm and delicate the skin, shape the face.


Advantages  Effects
• Nonsurgical

• Non-intrusive

• No blood

• No pain

• No mark

• No wound

• No need for convalescence

• Short treatment time (1-8 times, each time 20 to 50 minutes

• Fast respond time (Once you need it, you can see 20% effect. With 2 to 6 month you will see effect by 90% )

• Long hold time (Note: Generally it takes 3 to 5 years from generation to recession of colleague)


• Replace and surpass surgical lifting;


• Tighten the loose skin;


• Remove false wrinkle and real wrinkle;


•  Repair striae gravidarum;


•  Cure whelk;


• Anti-aging of whole body(Correct the shape of neck and back.,adjust and lift chest, improve the shape of waist, belly, buttocks and leg)



RF wrinkle remover

RF is neither laser nor IPL (intense pulse light, photons), but it’s electromagnetic wave which is very similar to microwave, but not microwave.


RF cosmesis is nonoperative, permit with medical science, newest beaty way, which is used on face nursing mostly. RF cosmesis can taut skin deep tissue and tighten skin in order to make drooping or flabby face reach the effect of reascending.



Radio frequency

The best thermal effect frequency for human body is 0.6-8MHz,the maxium speed is 8million/s.


The charged particles within the organization change direction when the electrode transform in the same frequency,thus the dermal tissure resist RF current naturally so that it produce energy.




The Nursing Steps

Step 1: Cleaning, with some mild cleaner products.

 Step 2: Toning, with moisturizing toner.

 Step 3: geling with the waves instrument to operate for 20-30 minutes.



Accessories list
Metal Conductive Panel: 1pc; 
RF Handles: 2pcs; 
RF Heads: 7pcs. 
Plastic glass: 1pc 
English Manual: 1 
CD: 1 pc 
Extra fuse: 1pc  



RF electric wave radio frequency technology has provided a convenient and safe way to keep young for us.





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