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reed diffuser glass bottles wholesale

Industrial Use:Candy
Sealing Type:Crown Cap
Surface Handling:Engraving
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland), Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:sheenzi, sheenzi
Model Number:sd12


Nano Energy Card

Anion Energy Card

Tobacco and alcohol energy card

reed diffuser glass bottles wholesale 


Nano Energy Card

Anion Energy Card

Tobacco and alcohol energy card

Energy Card Manufacturing

Magic Nano Energy Card

The supply of tobacco harm-reduction cards, drinking buddy nano-health card, radiation protection card, reducing pain card Nano, nano-cardiac cards, kidney physical cards, nano health savings card


Scientific principles:

The use of "bio-optical elements," the 4-14 micron the most beneficial light waves on the human body, through the human medium (water) spread to the skin, so that produce high-frequency micro-blood vessels, activating the body macromolecules and restore the body energy conversion, the establishment of new balance.


A significant effect:

After wearing this card can improve microcirculation, promote the body muscles can be restored, so that renal function improved significantly. To improve sexual function.


Instructions for use:

This card will be placed on the lumbar (kidney) of the abdomen.

Nano Energy Kana Mi energy card from the proton can be nano-composite at room temperature, automatic transmission infrared capabilities and ad hoc weak magnetic field, the human body and human body heat into the same frequency of the photon energy, launched into the depths of the human body so that it natural and human-wave resonant frequency and resonance, and thus stimulate protease and cell, two-way regulating the human body and endocrine function, improve microcirculation and enhance the immune effect. Product Mechanism: Fukang energy cards from well-known experts in materials science studies under non-exposure to radiation treatment made the principle of preparation.

Raw materials (composite crystal film) integrated a variety of natural minerals (main ingredient tourmaline), the latter through integration with the launch of its far-infrared, the release of negative ions and many other features. The technology successfully used in materials science, bio-optics, micro-circulation study will be a small card into our hands super-power magnetic field. Structure Description: The product is a purely physical techniques, the vector (composite crystal film) attached to the P VC sandwich in it with the absorption, storage and transmission of energy efficiency. In the promotion of physical decomposition, air ionization, improve microcirculation, and other aspects of human significant effect. Product Efficacy: push-pei

Wear can promote the human microcirculation, improve sleep, enhance immunity; to take a cigarette, the friction on the card fast 3-5 seconds, and make cigarettes Chun Zheng, gentle; placed in the bottom of the glass 60 seconds, you can reduce the wine spicy , so that liquor imported Miantian supple, mellow taste; placed in the refrigerator, air ionization can keep fruit fresh, antibacterial deodorant cosmetic effect: The card can be placed beside the cosmetic molecules broken down into small molecules Mission Mission , which will help absorb and nutrition. Use with cotton cloth used to make a small pocket, the Fukang Ka fit in a pocket (or can be pin fixed on the underwear)

. Valid for three years. Please send cards kept in dry, stored at room temperature. Applicable to the crowd: all kinds of heart diseases; work of tension, pressure of the mental and physical workers; middle-aged persons decreased heart function; hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, obesity, heart disease and other high-risk population. Smoking, alcohol abusers; young men and women skin care, etc. all kinds of people.

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