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plastic foot tubs /foot spa tub /foot tub

Properties:Rehabilitation Therapy Supplies, Massager
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:sheenzi
Model Number:a66
color:white, blue, pink
brand name:sheenzi or OEM
Type:Foot Massager


Plastic foot tub/basin

can be matched with all detox spa machine

made of ABS plastic

convenient to use

plastic foot tubs /foot spa tub /foot tub


There has many operation functions, its functions are:

Feet massage, heating, surfing, gas wave massage, ozone, far infrared etc.


1.       pounded massage of water current: when using hot water, a lot of water column will spout out from front and bottom. These water column attack acupuncture point of our feet, and let us feel very comfortable.

2.       vibration massage from warm water : Youd better use it after enjoying hot water massage. It will make our muscle more relaxed.

3.       heating and vibration massage: besides massage, this unit also can self-heat to a setting temperature, help blood circulation.

4.       Action roller: after finishing massage, you can put your feet on roller for rolling massage. It will effectively stimulate acupuncture point of our feet,

5.       and warm water bubble spa: when uing it, bubble tank will give off a lot of bubble and attack our acupuncture point on feet.


Drain water automatically: After using, insert drainpipe into surfing hole, press surfing/heating key(at shutdown state),it will drain water automatically. Unplug power source line after finished. Heel over massager to spill remaining water.


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Foot Basin

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