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plastic coasters for crafts of energizing coasters for health water

Table Decoration & Accessories Type:Mats & Pads


energy cup mat/coasters 
bio disc 
make water activated 
make energy water 
used for coffee,tea,cegarette and so on

After physics oscillation theory,the big water moleculter cluster will rearrange

And become small molecular cluster,eliminate negative frequency(message),

Reduce chlorine in water, and make water activated.

drinking water: lower astringency of water. After activated, the water will become sweet and tasty. It canbe absorbed easily, and improve metabolism.

juice: it can reduce acid taste and astringency of juice, make it taste better,and with good mouthfeel.

wine: it can lower sharp taste and astringency of wine.After activated,it become mellower.

fresh milk,milk:it can lower astringency, more nutritious and can be absorbed fully

it also can be used on tea,coffee and cigarette,cigar and so on.



It can make water or beverage more healthy

Function declaration:

Put drinking water,beverage,wine and other things into glass cup,ceramic cup, tumbler(except ) container(please don’t use metallic container),and then

Put the container on the light wave energy cup mat,it can make water softened,

Increase the oxygen content,reduce astringency, sharp taste,make it mellow,and the

organic molecules nutrition can be absorbed easily. 


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Bio Disc

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