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pedicure foot basin massage/plastic foot tub foot basin

Properties:Rehabilitation Therapy Supplies
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:sheenzi
Model Number:other
Type:Bathroom Safety Equipments


1.maintain blood fluent

2.regulate endocrine various hormones

3.restore blood lactic acid level

4.magnetic vibration footbat

New design detox foot basin / energy  foot basin 


1. To promote blood circulation, improve cardiac function, to maintain blood fluent.    

Hot water footbath can improve blood circulation, warm water, the role of the foot can expand blood vessels, increased skin temperature, thereby contributing to the feet and systemic blood circulation; at the same time, and hot footbath also can increase the blood velocity and flow, thereby improving cardiac function and reduce the heart load.

2. Increase metabolism, regulate endocrine various hormones.   

Hot water footbath promotes blood circulation of the feet and body, regulating the Endocrine gland secretion of various hormones, such as the thyroid secretion of thyroid hormones, adrenal secretion of adrenal hormones, etc., these hormones can promote the metabolism.

3. Eliminate fatigue, restore blood lactic acid level.   

When the human body felt tired, the first thing the foot poor circulation, metabolism, end products, calcium, lactic acid, substances such as micro-crystal deposition. When the body is not a normal or diseased organs, the consequence of pathological reflex, making the foot more bad blood circulation, more prone to sediment.

4. To improve sleep, has a gentle good stimulation for nerve and capillary.  

The foot is rich in nerve endings and capillaries, with hot water feet or on the nervous and capillaries moderate sound stimulation. At this point people are in a quiet resting state, so as to improve sleep, eliminate insomnia.

5. Health beauty, the raising of the brain protects the brain.   

Through the hot water footbath, you can regulate meridians, and quiz and blood. At the same time, foot vessel expansion, blood volume increased, so that the head blood flow faster, and timely enough to add the brain of oxygen and nutrients needed.

6. Adjust blood pressure   

Hot water foot bath can expand foot and body small arteries and veins and capillaries, relieve hypertension self-conscious symptom.

7. Help digestion, improve body constitution   

Hot water foot bath can help digestion, improve body constitution, so as to improve stomachic and enhance body resistance function.

8. Remove cold keep warm, prevent leg disease   Hot water foot bath can remove cold and keep warm, favorable reduce leg veins congestion and the varix, to prevent foot crack and chilblain, if add footbath medicine the effect is even better.

Especially in winter, daily insist on foot bath, not only can keep feet clean and enhance their metabolism, improve to the foreign pathogenic microorganism’s resistance, still can control chapping, chilblain and tinea feet disease and so on. 


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