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outdoor steam room/steam shower room sauna/wood steam sauna room

Type:Sauna Rooms
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:sheenzi
Model Number:other
Function:Dry Steam
Feature:Computer Control Panel, With Transom Windows
Capacity:2 People
Main Material:Solid Wood
Solid Wood Type:Hemlock
type:steam room
usage:steam room
packing:with paper box

outdoor steam room/steam shower room sauna/wood steam sauna room  







Single layer water-proof cloth make the sauna tent packing smaller,flexible tent frame make the sauna tent foldable.

Sit down inside to rapidly clean out grease and dirt from your pores.your skin will glow and look beautiful all the time.

Accelerates blood circulation.remove fatigue,relieves stress and helps with figure shaping and fat reduction

Carrying bag make the sauna tent fit for house storage and connivent for travel.




1.Slimming effect 

You will start sweating within 10 minutes after starting the device. More than 500 cc of sweat will be discharged with in 20 minutes after using the device that equals 10000 meters of jogging because of the technology of far infrared ray.

 2.Strong therapy effect 

By absorbing the energy eradiated by Far Infrared Ray, it will promote the blood circulation in your body and therefore accelerate the metabolism in your body, discharge toxic element, alleviate pain, eliminating inflammation, relieve pressure and promote quality of sleeping. Specially good for office clerk, elder person or weak person, etc.

3.Foldable,clean,easy to use,easy to operate,with time and Temperature control. 

4.Active cells.

5. Enhance human immunity.

6. Adjust autonomic nerves.

7. To eliminate free radicals.

8. Renovate spinal.







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Far Infared Suana

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