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ordinary Sandbag for wholesale/brown sandbag with competitive price/free standing sandbag

Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:sheenzi
Model Number:002
function:for flood

ordinary Sandbag for wholesale/brown sandbag with competitive price/free standing sandbag


Characteristics :


1. Traditional sandbag is about 50 kgs, Rainbow crystal clay expanded bag is only 
430 g easy storage.
2. Saving time, strength, and money; after about 3-5 minutes saturated in the water 
to be about 20 kgs of sandbag which is also reusable.
3. Non-poison, inodorous and non-pollute approved by SGS inspection
Small-size, easy-move and always ready to use with duration 3-5 years long
4. High polymer with super strong absorbent, environmental protective, easy, safe, 
none-pollute small size, light, ease-move, ease-piled up, ease-storage less damage,
is always ready to use.


Applying Extent:
Suitable to the factory, residence and community are located in low-lying terrain 
where the water-disaster is occurred usually. Residence with basement, underground parking lot, entrance of the warehouse prevented from sea flow back-ward, dike leakage, groined temporarily up-grade.


Usage :
1. Structure of flood-prevent around water course, big drain preventive preparation of other flood control, store indoor dried, open the out bag for use.
When the situation is needed, open the out bag and make the rainbow crystal clay 
spread equally then after saturate in the water about 3-5 minutes to expand to be 
urgent sandbag.
2. When out of need, put the expanded used sandbag dried naturally which is 
reusable for the next time. Or, mix the contents with clay for the use of water 
retained in the garden or as a junk (environmentally protective and non-pollute)




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