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Non-Rechargeable Photon and Ultrasonic Beauty Appliance

Type:Multi-Function Beauty Equipment
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Model Number:BZ-0101B


Non-Rechargeable Photon  and Ultrasonic Beauty Appliance



Main Function:

1.Keep skin moisture.

2.Improve blood circulation

3.Remove eczema

4.resist melanin

5.Resist acne regenerating

6.whitening skin

7.Tighten pore and skin

8. make skin smoother

9.Remove wrinkle

10.make skin balance


Solve problem :

    Wrinkle of Eyes, wrinkle of Lips, wrinkle of Forehead and Facial wrinkles


 Technical Features:

        With photon treatment, it can promote the penetration of water soluble and oil soluble beauty essence and promotes the formulation of collagen Besides, it can activate the cell tissue with ultrasonic, accelerate the positive circulation of blood and lymph fluid, promote secretion in skin, obviously relieve wrinkles, spots, acne and droopiness from deep skin




Treatment theory:


1.Different lights have following functions.

     1). Red light: wavelength 625 ±3nm/12 LEDs activate cells, promotes the formulation of collagen, remove wrinkles of eyes and Eye pouch.


      2). Blue light: wavelength 465 ±3nm/12 LEDs ,reduce inflammation, Eliminate Acne , the balance of water and oil for oily skin , very suitable oily skin, Acne skin and sensitive skin.


     3) Green light: wavelength 525±3nm/12 LEDs, , activate cells, down melanin, lighting and whiting skin, also can make skin moisture.


2.Ultrasonic: make cell tissue activity, Stimulate blood and lymph make virtuous circulation, irritating to the skin, increase the skin’s internal secretion motility, take care from deep skin, improve wrinkles, color spots, acne and sagging skin effectively.


     1) Ultrasonic cleaning out function: deep cleansing toxins, discharge blackheads, prevent Acne.


     2) Ultrasonic deep lead in function: 5 times absorption for your skin, , make your nutrition take care skin effectively .


     3) Ultrasonic compact skin function; smooth the eye pouch, down wrinkles, compact and moisture skin


     4) Ultrasonic fat burning function: Burning Fat, slimming face and body, to prevent the accumulation of fat




Not More than 2-3 times/week
,Around 10 minutes/time.

Match with Skincare product :Gels, Skin Essence


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