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Nano Fat Reducting Massage Belt /Beauty&Health Massage Belt/Manufacturer of Scalar Energy belt

Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:sheenzi
Model Number:YZ1048
Type:Massage Belt

How to use???


First,use a clean wet towel to wet-clean the middle heating part of waist protector,and then fix waist protector directly on waist.


For safety’s fake, usually heating process is very slow.People will have obvious feeling of warmth after 30 minutes. The duration of wearing is depended on individual body state.


If happened with feeling of scorching,it’s normal condition.Just take it off for a while.


It won’t hurt skin.


It also can be used without wet-scrape, but just prolong the time for of warm up.




Microcirculation is the blood circulation of capillaries between arteriole and venule. The basic functions are for interchange of material between blood and organization cell, nutriment transportation(include nutrients and Oxygen),wastes discharging ( carbon dioxide and metabolin). So microcirculation is “second heart” of our body. With functions of FIR, temperature of skin and hypodermis increase, expanding capillaries. Most material in blood are water. With big water molecule becoming small water cluster, water molecule liquidity in capillaries increase a lot. Also the decrease of blood viscosity and blood fat will make vein smooth. This is also a important factor on improving microcirculation


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