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manufacturer aroma earring candle for wholesale

Properties:Other, Massager, E-Cigarette
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:sheenzi
Model Number:other
color:blue,yellow,white,green and so on
Function: Health care
Type:ear massager



1.reduces the headache

2.reduces the tinnitus


4.increases the oxygen energy

manufacturer aroma earring candle for wholesale


Ear candle, also said that the fragrant stick, expulsion of toxin the stick. The ear candle appears most early before the ancient Indian tribe offer a sacrifice to the god to castrate in the ceremony, the ear candle was purifies the encephalic and the earwax with the combustion rice forage grass. Present’s ear candle is one kind by the pure natural beeswax, the bee glue, the St. John grass, the chamomile, lavender, the purple vertebra flowered refine becomes. It has utilized the human body five senses intercommunication principle, lights after it, inserts the ear hole, fragrant stick when combustion, after having the negative pressure, may attract puts one’s mouth close to another’s ear, the nose, throat’s eye winker, causes the sinus ethmoidalis, the sinus sphenoidalis, upper jaw sinus, the frontal sinus and the nasopharyngeal sinus, the Eustachian sinus, the tear gland is unimpeded. Makes the fragrant essential oil rapid biography to the cerebrum, causes the brain to form each kind of signal to pass on again to the nervous system, the endocrine system, the immune system, causes the body and mind to relax or to let the above three kind of systems be more active, achieves rapidly expulsion of toxin raises the face, the relieve fatigue, improves the Asian healthy condition the goal.


Fit disease:

1, has a dizzy spell

2, stuffy nose

3, the tinnitus and earwax excessively many

4, loses sleep

5, the pressure to be oversized and memory not centralized

6, in mood not steady

7, skull nerve unbalanced

8, pharynx and larynx ill applicable scope:

The operational site in the outside person, in has the dust place work person, participates in the aquatic activity, felt that the ear plug and the allergic person, wears hearing aid’s person, has the excessive earwax, commonly used handset’s person



1. Is one kind simple, quick, the indolence, comfortable, the relaxation, the temperate folk custom therapy; after

2. Use may strengthen the sense of taste and the sense of hearing;

3. May emigrate safely the unnecessary earwax, discharges the unnecessary toxin, causes the ear department maintains is clean, is fresh;

4. reduces the tinnitus and the ear itches and so on related symptom;

5. reduces the headache and dizziness phenomenon;

6. Often guarantees the ear fresh clean feeling;

7. can urge the skull internal heat feeling circulation, increases the oxygen energy and dispels symptoms such as bloating the blood circulation, the promotion blood circulation, the unimpeded each pipeline, strengthens the body anti-to unload ability to the outside, has the health care, the prevention effect.


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