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magnetic–health slimming earring

Jewelry Type:Earrings
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:sheenzi
Model Number:other
Earrings Type:magnetic earring
Jewelry Main Material:magnetic
Main Stone:magnet
Jewelry Settings Type: Earring Settings
type:flower and heart




2.beautiful and fashionable

3.Builds up the body and makes it healthy

magnetic–health slimming earring

Magnetic acupuncture earring is the latest magnetism therapy health care product designed by our company. With unique special prescription and advanced technology, this product adopts the high-tech to mix several health care Gem-grade mineral particles together. The particles include far-infrared ceramic, tourmaline, bio-magnetic, bamboo charcoal, and so on.

      Take advantage of far-infrared harmonic capabilities, negative ions function and strong magnet field acupuncture functions, our earring can massage the ear acupuncture points automatically so as to achieve the physical therapy effect of dredging main and collateral channels, promoting circulation, losing weight, and so on.

      With elegant -designed, this earring is fashionable and beautiful. It is easy to carry and good for fitness. 


1.     Separate the earrings gently and then put them at ears acupuncture point when you wear them. One is front and another is back. Gently shake and wont drop off is the best.

2.Wearring the slimming earring for 3-5 hours each day is advisable.

3.     Use both hands to separate the earrings when you take off them. Don’t drag it downwards; otherwise they may hurt your skin.



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Slimming Magnetic Earring

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