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magnetic ennergy comb 2017

Jewelry Type:Pendants or Charms
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:sheenzi
Model Number:as12
Pendants or Charms Type:Themed Pendants
Jewelry Main Material:Titanium
Main Stone:Diamond
Diamond shape:Round Brilliant Cut
Occasion:all the time, Anniversary, Engagement, Gift, Party
Gender:Children's, Men's, Unisex, Women's


1.ennergy comb

2.magnetic comb

3.high quality

4.high negative ion

magnetic ennergy comb 2014 


1.      Why did the ancients say we should comb our hair everyday?

The reason is that combing hair is actually combing the meridians. We cut our fingernails, and then use our ten fingers to comb the scalp. Therefore, it’s very powerful and it will not hurt the hair follicle.

There are all gallbladder meridians on the sides of the head, and more than twenty acupuncture points, so you don’t have to find where the acupuncture points are. Through combing your hair, to find out the points you feel hurt, and then massage the points repeatedly, because the points you feel hurt have blocking. It doesn’t matter though you don’t know the names, because you can massage all the acupuncture points on your scalp by combing the hair.

If you are the person who have the problems of headache for a long time,mammary gland proliferation, or blocking of gallbladder meridians etc problem, you must have the corresponding blocked points on your head. As we know, all the meridiansare all connected, therefore, through combing the hair, you will feel hurt somewhere on your scalp, use your fingers to rub the point, then you will find there are some nodes or lumps on your scalp, soyou have to kneaded them. 


  1. 2.      How long should we comb the hair each day?

Insisting on 300 times each day is very good enough.

Someone say that they have a lot of free time, how about combing the hair 3000 times each day? That would be better. All blood circulation is going to the head, if you have bad blood circulation on your head, it will result in cardiovascular disease, cerebral infarction, or some other diseases.

Don’t be afraid of losing your hair, because for all the hair which will fall down easily, they just stand on your head at all, though you don’t touch them, they will also finally falls down into bed after you get up. It’s better for you to get all them down first, then the remaining hair in your head are all elite. Taking planting as an example, you have to cut down the withered leaves. Only the remaining partsstrong, don’t let the dead leaves absorb nutrition together.

Someone say they don’t dare to comb their hair because they have too much dandruff just like snowing. In fact, if you can insist on combing your hair 300 times a day, after a week, you will find out there is almost no dandruff. Moreover, after combing the hair, your fingers become greasy, which means you combing out the toxin of the scalp. As a result, you don’t have dandruff anymore.

Combing the hair not only treats losing your hair, but also treats growing white hair and lacking gloss of the hair. When your hair becomes thick, it proves that your blood circulation is very good, and the functions of liver and kidney will also improve as well. Combing hair is related to the functions of liver and kidney. It is impossible that a person has thick hair but weak liver and kidney functions, once one side have been improved, the other side will be improved at the same time









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