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latest version water system, water ionizer

Type:Activated Carbon
Use:Household Pre-Filtration
Power (W):100
Voltage (V):110
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Sheenzi/ OEM
Model Number:SZ-70

Water ionizer

with 7 electrode plates,heating system,3.8 INCH LCD display

what should i expect from drinking ionized alkaline water?

This will initially depend on what PH strength when you begin drinking ionized alkaline water.Ionized water provies your body with lots of oxygen that is why it gives us more energy.Akaline water is wonderful to cook with because it helps hydrate the food and bring out its flavor. However,other changes in  your body after drinking ionized water will be much more subtle and will take some time.If you have acculated acide waste in your system,it probably took years for you to get into that condition and it will take some time to reverse it.As the body is slowly brought into PH balance by drinking ionized water,it will naturally begin to function more efficiently and problems will begin to correct themselves.By the way,ionized water is smoother tasting than usual water. ionized water makes better tasting tea,coffee,juice and ohter beverages.


1.Leading elegant design & synthetic glass touch control panel
2.3.8 inch LCD display and voice messenger available.
3.Display PH and ORP in the LCD screen.
4.15 levels micro- adjust for alkaline water and 10 levels for acid water.
5.Display the water’s temperature & flow rate, filters’ usage life.
6.The output water( alkaline water) is 6 liters/min(Max)
7.Built in radiator in the system .
8. Continously work function 
9. Micro- control electrolysis system, which can work under the water TDS range from 50 to 1500
10. Sintering Titanium Platinum alloy electrolysis chamber.
11.The hot water temperature is  38 to 50 degree(Centigrade)
12.PH arange:3.2 to 11, ORP arange:250 to minus 650
13. Power supply : SMPS(Switch Mode Power Supply

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Water ionizer

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