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Japanese COM-3010 PRO professional energy tester

Place of Origin:Japan
Brand Name:Sheenzi
Model Number:COM-3010 PRO
Usage:Auto Testing Machine
Package:black leather case
Mode:5 measurement modes
Monitor:LCD digital representation

Made in Japan, highly accurate detector !


MOQ : 1 set




advanced ion tester, modern negative ion test machine


W77xH140xD28(53) (mm) 


Less than 420g (battery excluded) 


4x UM3 alkaline dry battery (operation hours approx. 60 hours) 

Consumption power

Approx. 100mW 

Detectable ion

Negative air ions 

Measurement range

0 to 100,000 (pcs/cc) 

Detection accuracy

Approx. +/-15%

Minimum detectable (ion) density

 1 (pcs/cc) 


LCD, 4+1/2digit



Easy operation


 The Ion tester have 5 measurement modes.
1.Standard Method: Count the average amount between 20 seconds.
2.Simply Method: Count the average amount between 10 seconds.
3.Average Method: Count the 8 times average amount of average amount between 20 seconds.
4.Moving average Method: Count the moving average between 36 seconds.
5.Anion Check Method: Check weather have the anion or not.
 Simply using for product promotion (clothes, cloth, cup, bracelet ext.) and R&D research.

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