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High quality /health massage insole for foot

Type:Insoles, insoles
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:sheenzi
Model Number:YZ1082
color:deep yellow,palm red

The innovative Massage insole covered with the special anti-sweat composite fabric Drytech with Plasma treatment keep your feet dry and facilitate the perspiration. The special studied massage points in Airfoam, relax the foot by helping stimulating blood circulation.




– Drytech : the anti-sweat Drytech to keep the foot dry and cool, conveying sweat towards the underlying layer. It prevents chafing and redness due to an excess of moisture.
– Airfoam: the Anti-bacterial Airfoam regulates the temperature of the foot , absorbs sweat and offer protection against micro traumas. High resistance to compression (after 100.000 compressions, it loses only 8.64% of its density, Latex loses 30.1%), dry very quickly (dry 200 times faster than latex).
— Massage points: the special designed massage points with various Airfoam densities helps to stimulate blood circulation and release muscle pains.


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