Quantum Analyzer

high energy quantum scalar pendant

Properties:Other, Rehabilitation Therapy Supplies, E-Cigarette
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:sheenzi
Model Number:other
Quantum pendant material:volcanic scalar pendant



quantum pendant scalar energy

1.eliminate toxins from the cells

2.Increase your metabolism

3.Prevent spirit f

high energy quantum scalar pendant


Promote blood circulation

It Will more perfect sent the nutrients and oxygen to cells, eliminate toxins from the cells.


Supply energy to the blood and reduce viscosity, it also can reduce the risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease, heart and stroke.


Increase your metabolism; promote the function of discharge poison and keep the slender.


Relieves the aches, tight and stiff which from different parts of body.


Prevent spirit fatigue; keep the physical and mental tranquility.

Improve the quality of sleep, promote the concentration of mental.


Contribute to office worker have better performance in their work; contribute to students remain calm in exams, reducing anxiety and increasing concentration.


To make the people who often drives feel more spirit, won’t feel tired or falling asleep.


Make the body to restore balance and strength, and ascend body flexibility.


The action of old people have more strength and balance, not easily fall down and injure.


Enhance physical ability, keep youth and make the body healthier, more dynamic.


Strengthen the biological energy field of human body, to fight the harmful electromagnetic waves


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Quantum Pendant

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