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health slimming patch2012

Properties:Other, Body Weight, E-Cigarette
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:sheenzi
Model Number:other
Type:lose weight




2.Enhances circulation

3.cellular permeability

4.improved digest

health slimming patch2012

Adopt the years of clinical experience and international advanced liquid

extracted technical, combine active substances essence from more than 9

kinds of natural valuable medicines, to accomplish this slimming patch.

Observation on therapeutic effect of CarPoint sticking therapy on simple

obesity without any side effect. Opposite disease of digestive system,

eliminate rubbish in vivo; accelerate the elimination of toxic, comprehensive

regulating our body, could helps treat obesity from basic.


1. Stimulate CarPoint of our body by the medicines, Enhances circulation

and cellular permeability, adjust endocrine, improved digest, completely

eliminate the human factor of fat.

*Restore normal function of the human body metabolism

Obese person’s normal physical metabolic is different with others obviously, their anabolism is beyond normal physiological function, especially fattiness synthesis increase while decomposition degrade, our slimming patches stimulate acupoint of our body by the medicines, restore normal function of the human body metabolism, balance energy to metabolize, restraint fattiness synthesis and promote decomposition of fat, restore and balance fat metabolism function of body. 

*Adjust gastrointestinal tract, pancreas and internal organs:

When gastrointestinal tract dysfunction block up body metabolism,

resulting in the excess water stay on the body, so that to stop decomposition of fat. In addition, pancreatic dysfunction, may lead to hormones’ (insulin) deficiency, it is not only the metabolism of sugar, including fat, protein, water and mineral metabolic abnormalities also occur, the results is the human body need to add energy by binge eating, the formation of fat. Row of stasis abdomen posted adjust the gastrointestinal tract, pancreas and other organs function, improve the internal environment, thereby fully blocking excess fat in the body of the re-accumulation;

*Conditioning endocrine,endocrine disorders, hormone secreted

abnormally, such as

Insulin, epinephrine, abonormal secretion of female hormones can lead to

obesity. For example,excessive excretion of estrogen, fat synthesis speeding; estrogen too low, abdominal nerve decreasing, eppetite increasing, eating more foot, thus more fat is stocked in the body. Slimming patch conditioning endocrine, rid “3 stasis” from body, make the fat elements disppear, solve the obesity problem.Health, safe and sustaining weight loss.


2. Activated lipase activity, accelerated lipolysis: herbal could stimulate

organic to make more lipase active cells, to stimulate the activity of lipase

active cells break up and deplete hoarding fat, so that it could be expel from body.

Use Slimming patches


Pastes patch to the navel or Guan Yuan hole, or wherever you want to slim, it could be used in several holes at the same time.


After using, these people who are Spleen Deficiency will have a mild

diarrhea, fatigue, these symptoms are belong to normal reaction. It could be used again, but if it happens several times again, it should stop to use.

Allergic Plaster patients, before use, you could coat with a thin Creams

around the navel, then paste the patch, it will not allergy.

Main Ingredients:

Da Hangman Xiao, Tao Ren,Hong Hua,Jue Ming Zi,Chuan Shu,Gua Lou

Treatments period:

8-12/patch, 30days/treament, pls use according to treatment periods

Suitable for:

Stomach fire flaring up (vigorous appetite, dry shit, dingiva blooding, and apex of tongue and 2 sides are red is best).It could be used for any age, also good for inordinate incretion


2.5kg-10kg (different people will have different effect)


Women who are Gravida and in menstrual period are forbidden.

Serious lien gastric and deficiency cold people use carefully.Pls don’t eat fat meat, coffee these high calorie foots, don’t

intemperance, don’t eat melon seeds, peanut those scale food. Don’t eat any food in 3 hours before going to sleep.pls chew carefully and

swallow slowly. Drinking soup before eating rice.

Do sport every day for 30 minutes

Pls don’t eat any acridity and thrill food in the treatment period.

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