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Health alkaline water stick/Stainless steel alkaline water stick

Type:Other, portable
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Sheenzi
Model Number:YZ0011
Usage:water purifier
Material:304 stainless


It can mprove the antioxidant effect and immunity, make the blood sugar lower ,reduce neuter and adipose,also can decrease the cholesterol.


Good for the people who is constipation. Lower blood pressure.


Drink alkaline water have a good effect to gout and Muscle pain .Relax muscles and tendons.


Could coordinate the people who are in adolescent growth and development.


Promote the circulation of the blood and the fluids; help us keep the waste and toxins out as our body.


Added to calcium ion primarily mineral group,Can exchange the harmful to human body acidic system into alkalescent constitution.


Alkaline water can improve human immunity can prevent a variety of diseases



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