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Fragrance Diffuser Ceramic White Bird With Amber Glass Bottle

Type:Air Fresheners
Air Freshener Use:home ,office,car and so on
Shape:Solid, bird and differents can be provided
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:SHEENZI
Model Number:BST-01
Name of the goods:Fragrance Diffuser Ceramic White Bird With Amber Glass Bottle
Material:Gypsum or ceramic
Color:white and so on
Packaging Details:each pc with a waterproofing paper
Bird stone size:9.8*3.9*9cm
Cotton rope size:24cm

Fragrance Diffuser Ceramic White Bird With Amber Glass Bottle



1.Put the  ceramic bird into the fragrance oil, scent diffusers into the air via absorbed  rope  in 48 hours, lasts  3-6 months based on environments.

2.Ceramic bird shows different color after absorbing  different color of oil.

3.Climate and temperature affect fragrance oil Volatilizing speed, higher temperature, faster volatilization



Diffusers is capable of removing pollutants in the air( waste gas and bacteria), purifying and improving air quality to avoid infection and bacteria infected. Fragrance oil has a good effect on insomnia, anxiety, high pressure, boringness, upset and headache, etc.



1.Keep away from fire and children. 

2.Avoid using fragrance directly on the skin.

3.Put it in the ventilated place, avoid insolating.

4 .Dont close to the oil to smell the scents, you can gently fan the scents by hand, just like smell the perfume.




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