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Face whitening ball/ Face cleaning ball/ Energy beauty ball

Type:Multi-Function Beauty Equipment
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Sheenzi
color:green, pink, blue





1.Skin softness effect 
2.Promotion of health effect 
3.Antibiotics effect 
4.Decontamination of the tub and cleaning effec 



Component of Beauty Ball


In Bath ball,


 it contains magic and energy ball which activate the water having vital energy and it radiate large quantity for far-infrared and emit an ions


It contains chlorine remove ball which eliminate the remained chlorine in city.


It contains disinfection ball which prevent from decayed and contamination cause bacteria.






Effect of Beauty Ball


The powerful far infrared rays from energy ball break water molecules’ hydrogen-combination into small cluster and face the small water cluster being activated to increase it is molecular motions, penetration force. So it is increased moisturizing power and keeps the skin clean.


By Radiation of far infrared and emit anion from beauty ball, it help to improve the skin trouble by various effect as below:


1.      Promote the blood circulation


2.      Activate cell


3.      Overcome the fatigue


4.      Relief the pain


5.      Especially it remove the remained chlorine which have bad influence to skincare, it protect from various harmful.




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Beauty, Energy Beauty Ball

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