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Envionmentally Sate/Non Toxic & Biodegradable water retain agent

Classification:Chemical Auxiliary Agent
Other Names:SAP
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Adsorbent Variety:Super Absorbent Polymer
Usage:Water Treatment Chemicals, agriculture
Brand Name:SHEENZI
Model Number:SAP1
Purity:high polymer
Appearance:White granule
water-retaining property:strong


   Super absorbent polymer is a kind of new functional water absorbent polymer that produced by high-tech of our company. It contains lots of hydrophilic groups and excellent molecule structure. It can absorb hundred times of water of its own weight in a short time, and release afterwards slowly and absorb repeatedly. Therefore, it can form a miniature reservoir around the plant’s root, keep a moist environment and develop water and fertilizer retaining capacity of soil effectively, increase using rate of water and fertilizer, improve the structure and ventilation of soil, create a good growing environment for the plant.

   It is produced by advanced equipment and unique techniques; therefore the product’s capacity becomes more excellent. The product’s absorbing rate is high, and the gel is firm after absorbing water. It can be used repeatedly under the soil’s pressure, and keep the soil ventilated and keep the soil from hardening. It has super capacity of absorption, and it can release afterwards, so it can reduce running off, exaltation the utilization of the fertilizer and agrochemical, and lower the pollution of the environment. This product can degradable completely. It can be gradually degraded into carbon dioxide, water and nitrogen etc. after being used in soil for 2-3 years, so it is beneficial and harmless to the soil, and it will improve the original ecosystem environment.



Water                                                  less than or equal to 7%                                                                                                                                                          
Size                                                 20 meshes to 120 meshes
 Appearance  white particles / granular powder / white granular or powder
 PH value  6.0-6.4
 No deionized water absorption  400-450ml
 Saline absorption  51-54ml
 Saline absorption rate (20 ml 25 degrees)  5-55 seconds
 Density (g/cm3)  0.65-0.8
 Water absorbency  300-700 times of its weight, can according to customers request
 Release capacity  at room temperature control in the 30-40 days
 Relapse times  >=5 the mix: 12
 Water content%  <5
 Note:  the request size can be produced on-demand.



1.    This product is highly moisture absorbent. Please keep in sealed package, and store at sheltered and ventilated place. Avoid straight sunlight.

2.    This product is not water making material. It can retain and release water only when it is saturated of water.

3.    Avoid straight sunlight after it is absorb of water, it would be better to put it under at least 5 cm of earth when put into use.

4.    Keep it out of the children’s reach. If swallow, don’t drink, and go to doctor’s immediately.

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