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energy Insoles with magnets & FIR stone for foot care/thermal insoles for shoes/disposable shoe insoles

Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:sheenzi
Model Number:other
size:different size
shape:foot shape


energy Insoles with magnets

1.Nano Insoles,New product, New technology

2.Nano Insoles,Change your life


energy Insoles with magnets & FIR stone for foot care/thermal insoles for shoes/disposable shoe insoles



1. Correct arch

 Make the 52 bones structure of our feet align to arrangement, to correct the skeleton, so that can relieve pressure of dorsal vertebrae, knee and hip wear section

2. Adjust nervous system

  Improve nerve conduction obstacles caused by irregular arrangement of the spine and promote energy of whole body, function of each organ

3. Improve metabolism

  The far infrared special nano-materials can release far infrared light waves, accelerating blood circulation, improve metabolism, help reduce vascular obstruction, active of cells, to assist the harmful substances and heavy metals excreted of our body. Thus it is much effective on relieving swelling and pain, also on the sleep quality. At the mean time, it can release negative ions of high unit, to effectively relieve stress, restore energy, reduce fatigue and improve immune system of body, can be called “life element of nature”.

4. Massage feet

  Adopt the mechanical structure technology, with the meridian of Traditional Chinese Medicine and foot reflexology. Massage Yongquan of your feet- kidney reflex area when using, improving the circulation of body meridian, conditioning yin and yang, improving energy of our whole body.

5. Negative ion effect

  High unit negative ions can be effective to relieve pressure, restore power and reduce fatigue. Therefore, it is closely related to our reproduction, growth and aging. Energy massage Yongquan (heart) and the organ reflex area can improve the metabolism circulation of six meridians of foot (liver, spleen, stomach, kidney, bile, bladder).

6. Sterilization function

  Aligns back and shoulders 
Relieves lower back pain 
Balances HIPS for easier movement 
Reduces stress on knee joints 
Cradles feet for improved stability

Information of our company:
(1) We supply a variety of glass bottles with excellent quality, competitive price, prime service and fast delivery.
(2) Usually we produce according to clients’ samples and detailed requirement. 
(3)We sincerely welcome global costomers to cooperate with us, if you are interested in our products, pls don’t hesitate to let me know, your proposal will be highly appreciated.



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