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energy head massage stick03

Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:sheenzi
Type:Head Massager
Color:pink, black, blue, purple, etc



1.easy to carry and fashional

2.slick fine

3.Shacking for 12000 times per minute, mini and portable

energy  head massage stick03

easy to carry and fashional

slick fine

different colors 

low price 




Energy Head Massage Stick: popular for girls

Shacking for 12000 times per minute, mini and portable


Energy Head Massage Stick

New brand and high quality!

This Massage Stick can enhance your body health and release stress.

It can also be used as a keychain.

Lovely, fashion, and practical.

The Massage Stick is made of plastic.

Small, light weight, handy for massage.

Feel comfortable by practice everyday.

A good choice for you!


1)eliminate tired caused by ardent sport and relax muscle;

2)eliminate the shoulder hyperkinesias caused by haven’t pillow;

3)eliminate the ache caused by blood not circulation long time;

4)eliminate the ache caused by tired or rheumatism;

5)the ball massage head can massage to all over the body;

6)have the function of far infrared red hot treatment;

7)burn the fat, loss weight partly;

8)line design, beauty and generation, comfort to use



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