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Ceramic ball for washing machine/Household washing ball

Usage:Home Appliance
Feature:Eco-Friendly, Stocked
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:sheenzi

Washing ball is a kind of scientific and environmental cleaning products without detergent. It consist of several purely natural minerals, like tourmaline, medical stone, meerschaum, quartz powder, bio-activation ceramic and so on.


1, beyond the traditional chemical synthetic detergent for cleaning clothes and have the same effect, the use of simple and convenient.

2, non-phosphorus, boron and other harmful chemical elements detrimental to human skin and clothing to reduce water pollution.

3, no chemical ingredients, you can knot provincial rinsing process, water-saving, cost-effective.

4, is not the same as the detergent, skin allergies, a child wearing a more confidently.

5, up to two years of recycling can reduce the purchase of detergent.

6, without adding softeners, washed clothes and restore the natural submissive.

7, not to hurt the cloth, to extend the life of the effect of clothing.




Detergent with uneven quality parameters, the following is to compare the credibility of a good detergent.

Project / Type:

washing powder / laundry ball

Detergent power:

98% of clothing and cleanliness, clothing, cleanliness 98% of

Bleaching power:

power of 95% bleach clothes, clothing, bleaching power of 97%


Low 98.7%

Compliant Force:

easy to damage clothing fibers to produce fiber hardening

Softens the fiber:

The more clothes, more supple wash

Injury to the skin:

chemical composition of residues on clothing and cause skin sensitivity, non-oriented components, fully taking into account the non-injured skin

Pollution Force:

laundry waste water discharged into the ground.

Pollution of water:

waste water does not contain the chemical composition and will not pollute the environment

Economic considerations:

Can not re-use, consumption of large, have to buy softeners


Daily use of one calculation can be used continuously for two years, cost-effective


the need for regular buyers use the program trouble with the laundry balls and clothing into the washing machine can be, easy to use


1, it is recommended to be very dirty clothes and the clothes need to be cleaned separately from ordinary washing. For very dirty clothes in the use of the ball at the same time adding proper amount of laundry detergent.

2, if there is boiling clothes washing machine effect, before the ball out at the beginning of cooking.

3, wash quilt, washing clothes or washing a small amount of clothing, the dehydration of the former please laundry ball out (so as not to damage clothing).

4, bio-activation ceramic laundry ball friction strong, and should not be used for washing wool fabrics, silk fabrics and other soft to avoid strong friction material fabric.

5, in the laundry process, the two laundry in the washing machine inside the ball is likely to similar to one another, and will not affect the ability to wash laundry ball, please feel at ease to use.

6, please put children’s difficult to reach places.


1. Will be a set of two laundry balls into the washing machine, and then to the washing machine into the appropriate amount of water (normal laundry when the water), stirring 1 minute.

2. The clothes into the washing machine water for 15 minutes, each time washing capacity of up to 8.5Kg and above, in order to make the water activity of more active, longer soaking, washing the better the effect of sterilization. Regular washing laundry ball ahead to place the water to brew its activation, thereby reducing brewing time;

3. Immersion started some time after the washing machine wash.

4. To deal with pollution of heavy clothing class, according to the weight and volume integral sub-washing, washing volume is normal 1 / 5;

5. Colors of different types of clothing be separated from washing;

6. Please wash the clothes washing machine in laundry ball is still home;

7. A certain period (in 1 month 1 times), put the ball on the sun drying laundry may play its lasting effect.

[Use Effect]

1, add bio-activation ceramic materials, the release of negative ions and infrared, persistent anti-bacterial.

2, bio-activation ceramic laundry ball can be bleached, and softens the fibers without the need for bleach and softeners, clothes can be supple as new.

3, bio-activation ceramic laundry ball does not contain any laundry detergent composition, they can be used to avoid the fibers of the laundry detergent residues damage the skin.

4, bio-activation ceramic laundry ball can effectively prevent clothing knot.

[Uses and life]

Scope of use: All types of washing machines (turbines washing machines and drum washing machines)

Period of use: 2 years (once per day standard)



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Laundry Washing Ball

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