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body warmer pads/adhesive heat pad/heat pad/Self heating warmer patch/heat pad for winter

Place of Origin:Guizhou, China (Mainland)
Model Number:CE-12
Packinge:one sealed bag
Type:Body Warmer
Cycle use:disposable
Average temperature:53 centigrade
Lifespan:12 hours heating
Product size:9*13.5cm

Patch Physical Therapy Dysmenorrhea/Self-adhensive heating warmer patch/

Pain Relieve Self-heating Warmer PadAdhesive Heat Pad/HEAT PACKS/ warm plaster/ Warmer Pad/ Body Warmer/ Adhesive Heat Pad/Warmer Patch/Heating Pad/Hot Patch



Product Name

Heating Time

Average Temperature

Peak Temperature

Sing Piece Weight

Carton Gross Weight

heat pad

12 hours





Product Category

Product Size

Package Note

Package Amount

Carton Size

Carton Materials




300 packs/carton


corrugated carton



Only after your applying, it will give out heat at once, relieve all kinds of pains which was cased by cold.

  1. It can relieve the pain of arthritis, scapulohumeral periarthritis, waist and leg pain, rheumatism, Rheumatoid, Coolness of extremities, and all kinds of pain which was caused by cold.
  2. Expel pathogenic cold and keep warm, promoting the microcirculation of your body, have a very good effect with cold injury, bone injury, muscle injury. It can relieve pain and detumescence.
  3. Promoting the good work of the energy channel, when use on the interrelated acupuncture point, can heal the stomach cold, help adjusting irregular menses into good situation.
  4. When you want to wear thin clothes to show your slender body in cold weather, it can keep you warm.
Please carefully read the instructions before use

Effectively ease neck pain, shoulder and waist pain, joint pain and all parts of the pain and stomach pain, dysmenorrheal and other conditions that are caused by cold.


Before using, please tear out package, let inner out, and paste the need for heating or hot compress of the outer parts of the underwear. After the use exhausted, rip off and thrown into the trash.


1. Away from children, warm paste should not be directly affixed to the skin, dont use of run-down warm paste.

2. Do not use in the bed,

3. Avoid prolonged using in the same location accidentally eaten on.

4. If they inadvertently touch the eyes and accidentally eaten, should be a lot of water rinse and requested the physician diagnosis and treatment.

5. Young children, diabetes, pregnant women, skin sensitive people and people with disabilities should be care when use.

Please note to prevent the low-temperature burns. Please use in the period of validity.

Quality problems are found, please fill out the date and the places of purchase and send along with the product to company, we’ll change.

Environmental Tips:

After use of this product, and powder of bags can be used to cultivate flowers. 

Please carefully read the instructions before use:

Effectively ease neck pain, shoulder and waist pain, joint pain and all parts of the pain and stomach pain, dysmenorrheal and other conditions that are caused by cold. 


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Detox Foot Patch, Warmer Patch

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