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[Best Price] Nano energy alkaline plastic water stick/ water filter under 1 dollar

Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Sheenzi/ OEM
Size:Dia1.85*14.5cm/ 1.85*7.5cm
package:plastic tube or aluminium tube



[Best Price] Nano energy alkaline plastic water stick/ water filter  under 1 dollar


nanometer water stick/water stick/alkaline stick/stainless steel water stick,negative ion energy water stick/

alkaline water stick/Hydrogen Alkaline ion water stick/healthy alkaline water stick/

one dollar hydrogen energy alkaline plastic water stick


1. nanometer water stick,19*16*75cm

2.nanometer water stick,304 stainless steel

3.nanometer water stick,with aluminum tub


1. OEM custom logo

2. with reasonable price

3.silver and gold

4.accept pay pal payment



Good for your health

reduced ion water rich in mineral

Decomposing and removing chlorine odors

portable water ionizing stick/stainless steel water alkaline stick /

portable water ionizing cartridge/Alkaline stick

This product decrease the size of water molecule clusters and there by

 controls harmful active oxygen and improves nutrient absorption to enhance overall health.

stainless steel water alkaline stick,Calcium ions alkaline water stick



1. 500cc water  PH enchanced to 9.5  and ORP -200 in 10 minites.

2. can increase the water PH, balance the body fluids, to improve the acidic.

3.increase the ionic state of water, neutralize the acid and then enhance human immunity.

4,can  prompt The water is rich in trace elements, can maintain the water activity, 

  so that the body metabolism is more efficient.

5.The small molecules of water (48.6Hz), more easily absorbed by the body.

6.The promotion of metabolism, for the cell to add moisture, can play the role of cosmetic beauty.

7.The promotion of a brain wave activity, improve attention and memory.

8.Alkaline water can increase the body’s immune system to restore to prevent various diseases,

9.Alkaline water can increase the body’s immune system to restore to prevent various diseases,

10.our  alkaline water stick can enchance w ater to help people to keep healthy.




we have different packing: (and the price a bit different)


Best Price: (Only USD$1)  size:  Dia 1.85*7.5cm 



How to use:

  1. Before using, putting in bottle, fill with water, hake vigorously for 1 minute and empty.
  2. Fill bottle, shake about 10 times, wait 15 minutes. The longer the water sits with the stick submerged, the stronger the ionization and higher the PH
  3. Best to drink freshly made ionized water.
  4. You may dry the stick between uses if you wish
  5. Use one stick for a bottle of 500ml.use two sticks for 1L bottle, or more stick for faster, stronger ionized drink water. if you leave the stick submerged overnight, you had better not drink them because may the constituent of the water may be changed.
  6. Best to drink freshly made ionized water, and drink often! Good for 2-3 months with daily use.



Don’t put stick into water overnight

Don’t put the stick into water for a long time 

We have other Packing:









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