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Aroma bottle bags

Sealing & Handle:Button Closure
Custom Order:Accept
Place of Origin:Taiwan
Brand Name:sheenzi
Model Number:armoabag-01~09




SHEEN-ZI is the most specialized factory that produce and manufacture the aromatherapy canister in A.

SHEEN-ZI is the most specialized factory that produce and manufacture 
the aromatherapy canister in Asia. It is one kind of aromtherapy accessoriers 
in our compay. They are fit with a lot of kinds of lamps and bottles,
 and have a many shapes and they are colorfully. They are made from fabric, 
cloth, skin, etc. At the same time, they can be the decoration in some parties 
and add more romantice at house. The productions won Japan, Taiwan, 
United States Patent down. 


    Fragrance lamp bag apparatus for fragrance lamp no fire, funnel, fire cover, lighter,

so light and easy to carry no fire aroma, another can decorate beautiful fragrance lamp.

OUR bag into large, medium and small three paragraph number.

Trumpet mentioned devices fragrance lamp base diameter of 75mm, 85mm

in diameter mounted medium fragrance lamp, large diameter 105mm fragrance lamp unit,

we note the time of purchase, based on the volume of fragrance lamp to buy.



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