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Alkaline Water stick of new design

Use:Household Pre-Filtration, Household Pre-Filtration
Certification:RoHS, Other
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:sheenzi
Model Number:other
Installation: Table Top
Classification:Water Purifier



1.With visual indication of filter element life

2.with very rich ionic microelement

Alkaline Water stick of new design


Automatic electrode reversing and electrolytic bath cleaning

Supplement Ca, Zn and other trace elements

Water ph value adjustable from 4.0 to 9.7

With weak current closed-loop type follow-up and protection system, the electric current is adjusted by water flow

Continuous large capacity strong electrolys is

Automatic message display for replacing the filter element

With touch keys, LED and LCD displays

Automatic overvolf age and over current protection

With unique 5-grade filtering system

With perfect pre-treatment and purification system

0.01micron hollow fiber ultra filtration membrane is used for the water purification


 1) Standard Voltage: AC 110/220/230/260V

2) Power Consumption (MAX): 150W

3) Size and weight: 190*125*290mm, 10kg: Including prefilter.

4) Composition and Water Supply Type: Standing type, direct connection to tap water

5) Controlling Method: Touch sensor

6) Source water Temperature: 2 C ~ 40 C

7) Source Water Pressure: 0.1-0.4MPa

8) Electrolysis Method: Continuous large electrolysis

9)Digital Control LCD Screen: 7 color Big LCD Display pH levels, water flow rate, filter life span, problem auto-diagnosis, auto-reversing cleaning etc.

10) Outlet water: 1.0-5.1L/min

11) Electrolysis Ability: 4 levels of alkaline water, 1 level neutral water, 2 levels acidic water

12) Electrolysis Cell: 5 Slotted platinum titanium plates, 880cm2

13) PH Value: 3.0-10

14) ORP Value (Mv): (+200–800)

15) Membrane: DuPont ionic membrane

16) Life of Pre-Filter: 0.1micron PP cotton (4, 000 Liters; 1058 gal), , activated carton(6, 000 liters; 1587 gal), 0.01 micron hollow fiber (12000 liters; 3174 gal).

17) Over-current/voltage protection: YES

18) SMPS system: YES

19) Auto-reversing cleaning: YES

20) Upgradable program: YES

21) Mildew/moth/fire-proof: YES

22)Micro-elements adding port: YES

23) Magnetism function: NO




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