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99.9% pure germanium stone sword for wholesale

Jewelry Type:Bracelets, Bangles
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:SHEENZI
Model Number:UY1
Bracelets or Bangles Type:Bangles
Jewelry Main Material:germanium
Main Stone:germanium
Occasion:Gift, Party


1.100% Pure Germanium

2. silver-grey mental color

3.Conical, buff top shape

4.different size

5. different color

99.9% pure germanium stone sword 


 99.9% germanium


silver-grey metal 


3mm/4mm/5mm      thickness 1.5mm    or according your requirment



Packaging Detail 

paper card/OPP bag , 100 pcs per bag, 250 bags in per carton




What are the benefits of germanium on the human body? The Japapnese medical experiments show that the release of ions in the plasma and the human body, adjust the biological current, maintaining the balance of power in vivo, with activation of the immune system, relieve discomfort, electromagnetic wave protection functions.



Disease is the body’s electrical balance disorders, the body’s ion balance about the health of the body, while the positive ions is caused by the increase in critical illness, only to adjust the body’s with effects of human cellselectrical balance, the best health care side of the road. Ge metal semiconductor features can enhance the body temperature, so as to promote blood circulation. Often easy to feel tired for the hands and feet, muscle pain, poor blood circulation, the situation of great help.


Germanium grains 92.1% far infrared radiation, wavelength 8-10μm, the optimal absorption frequency of the body and the wavelength, infrared radiation can be deep into the human body, the body’s absorption of toxic substances and heavy metals and break down, to detoxification support The role of Yan, in addition to far-infrared resonance to form a thermal reaction, the capillaries expand, promote blood circulation and relieve the fatigue.





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Germanium grain, Quantum Pendant

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