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2017 gold detox foot patch/adhensive foot patch/Bamboo foot patch

Properties:Other, E-Cigarette, Other
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland), Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:SHEENZI, sheenzi
Model Number:DF-1
name:Detox Foot Patch
Type:self-adhensive detox patch



Product Description:

As a top brand in China, "Shu Zhi Bao" foot patch is made with a combination of distilled essence from tree above 40 years old and more than 30 botanical essence. "Shu Zhi Bao"foot patches are effective, made of 100% natural ingredients and easy to apply.



Item no.

SD-0011 foot patch

negative ion

800 to 1000 ions(which can be added)


one pair in a sealed sealed bag




can print your logo

delivery time

8 to 12 days




TT, Western union,Paypal



Main Functions:

1. Detoxify while you sleep–The process will start in 2 hours and the central part of patch turns from white into dark brown with the absorption of internal toxin, apparent and convincing.?

2. Improve your sleeping and dispel the fatigue –After toxin discharge, you will feel refreshed and your sleeping quality obviously improved.

3. Build up complexion, diminish the spot and the small pox — the skin taking on a bright sheen and luster after the toxin discharge, the spot and small pox obviously reduced.

4. "Shu Zhi Bao" also has auxiliary function in treating the arthritis effectively.


Direction of use:

1. Use foot patch before going to bed

2. Put the foot patches on the soles of your feet, or other areas of discomfort

3. Keep the foot patches in place 8-10 hours

4. Remove the foot patches in morning and clean the areas well.


How often to use:

2-3 boxes for one period of treatment.

As you use the Foot Patches more often, the amount of toxins in your body will start to decrease as they are continually expelled. The color of the sachet will gradually lighten until it remains white. All of your bodily functions will be progressively restored to their normal, healthy state.


Packing: 4g*10pcs/box


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Detox Foot Patch

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