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2016 wholesale eco-friendly washing ball/ competitive price washi ng ball/cheap price volleyball ball

Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:sheenzi
Model Number:other
color:green,red ,white, blue etc.
shape:Round, Ellipse and leaf
washing ball feature:save water
washing ball function:making scent
usage:washing cloth



2012far-infrared-washing ball

1.Saving detergent

2.Sterilize bacteria and germs

3.Good for Atopic skin

2015wholesale eco-friendly washing ball Features:

The main product of our washing ball line.

The up part and the down part are combined by plastic rivet screw. 

It is usable for normal and drum washing machine.

The surface of washing ball is made by elastomeric which gets softer in warm water to protect delicate clothes.


Benefit of Magic Washing ball:

 Saving detergent, water, electricity,

Sterilize bacteria and germs.

Prevent skin disease, and reduce detergent remaining.

Good for Atopic skin.

No more unpleasant smell.

Co-Environment product


How does it works


Magic washing ball is consisted of 4 kinds of ceramic which is made of natural materials. It is far infrared ray/negative ion ball, alkali ball, chlorine removal ball and antibiotic ball. These ceramic breaks water cluster and makes it smaller and make water active. And this water and water cluster can easily take off dirt from cloth.

Alkali ball keep the ph spectrum at the level that ordinary chemical detergent has, and it helps to remove oily dirt from clothing.

About chloride remove ball, it eliminates the chloride compound in water, and slackens the water surface tension and increases cleaning power.

Antibiotic ball eliminates bacteria and mold in washing machine and also helps to increase the cleaning power.


Usage and period of use


Use in washing machine (regular and drum washing machine)

Good for three years. (Based upon once a day usage)


pure natural minerals(tourmaline,medical stone,meerschaum,quarte powder)

and bio-activation ceramic 

size Carton size: 51*50*36cm                       
 weight   60pcs per carton                         G.W.:20kg






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