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2016 new Square ultrasonic aromatherapy atomizer

Type:Curtain Poles, Tracks & Accessories
Place of Origin:Taiwan
Brand Name:sheenzi
Quick Details Type:Ultrasonic Humidifier, Ultrasonic Humidifier
Installation:Tabletop / Portable
Capacity: 135ml
Humidity Control:Humidistat
usage:for diffuser
color:natural wood

Ultrasonic humidifier /ultrasonic aromatherapy atomizer[Manufacturer in China] 

Precious pine bedroom furniture humidifie (made in taiwan) 

Through the delicate hand made can throw grinding and become,

Keep a warm wood texture,

In soft light and dense aroma of essential oils,

Make happiness sweet atmosphere that occupy the home.

using ultrasound oscillation 2.4 million times per second,

make produce close water molecules, produce negative ions at the same time,

along with essential oil fragrance, purify the environment that occupy the home.


The four characteristics Build sweet atmosphere quality life

* safety design: automatic shutdown function Automatic detection of water level,

low water level or time, then water YangJi automatic shutdown.

* close operation: N the humanized operation interface, easy operation, 

you just need to move a finger control ideal spray pattern.

N the night lights out: super soft power-saving LED lights,

light pressure light control switch to turn off the lights.

N no inner cup design: just open the cover groups can add water and essential oil,

do not need to replace the consumables.

* clean uninterrupted: three hours continuous spray,

are most often up to about 6 hours To make special plating uranium atomized fog particles uniform and detailed. 

* pine made by hand N beige



product specifications






product size

* high diameter =W85mm*H230mm



Alimentation de transformateur


Output:24Vdc / 1A

Maximum working power supply

More than  24Vdc / 550mA

Max Power Dissipation


SF SupersonicFrequency


vapor ratio

About 20 ~ 50 ml/hr

Atomized particles diameter

About 3 ~ 7 microns

Buy water sink

About 135 ml

spray time

Continuous: about 3 hours

intermittent: about 6 hours






shipping photo














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