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2016 little apple style USB computer mate air purifier combines

Power Source:Electrical
Power (W):3
Voltage (V):3
Place of Origin:China (Mainland)
Brand Name:sheenzi or OEM
Model Number:little apple style



The computer mate air purifier combines TiO2photocatalyst, activated carbon filter, high concentration negative ion, plus strong turban fan setting into one compact and innovative unit, which contributes to decompose or exterminate various contamination including dust, particulate, bacterial, virus, VOC(volatile organic compound),smoke, microorganism etc. Its high concentration negative ion will help to exterminate static caused by computer, which can be generally used in office, lab, computer room, bedroom etc. You may drop essential oil or perfume to cotton piece include to create a romantic sweet-scented environment(essential oil and perfume haven’t included).


Operation Guide

1.Plug one terminal of the USB into computer socket and the other into the unit power socket.

2.Turn anticlockwise the top cover and pick out the cotton piece and drop favorite essential oil or perfume.Replace the cotton piece into the unit.

3.Install the top cover and turn tightly.

4.Press the button: POWER, the unit will work with the LED indicator on.

Technical Data

Working environment:


Relative humidity:<80%RH



Input voltage:


Rated Power:

3*106 ions/cm3

Effective area:


Air flow:


Lifetime of motor:


Warning Instructions

When using any electrically powered product,basic safety precautions should always be followed,including the following:


1.Do not disassemble any part of the unit at random or insert metal pole into the air outlet in order to avoid the risk of electric shock.

2.Don’t put the unit on video or audio equipment,fridge or electronic appliance with metal shell.

3.Leave some room on the outlet of unit,be sure not to put any thing to block the air flow.

4.No to use the unit when mosquito-repellent incense is used.

5.Do not use the unit at high temperature,high heated conditions and in the environment that has flammable gas.

6.Do not allow children to play it as a toy

7.Be sure to turn to professional technician to repair or replace any accessory in case any damage happens to the unit.

8.Always operate the product from a power source of the same voltage,frequency and rating as indicated on the product rating label.

9.Do not pull out the USB connector plug before switch off the unit.


1.Be sure not to clean the machine with organic solvent.Switch off the unit before cleaning,then clean the unit with soft cloth or neutral detergent.Make sure no water flows into the machine.

2.Remove the dust from the ion outlet with dry brush after using after using for some days.

3.Please shut off the USB connector if the unit won’t be used for long time.

4.Frequently cleaning the negative ion outlet to get best purification effect.




Trouble Shooting




Possible reason


The unit won’t work

USB wasn’t connected or plugged well

Check the USB connect

Noise inside the unit

Some sundries drops into the unit

Turn to professional technician for repairing

Discharge noise

The environment is too humid

Improve the use environment




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