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2016 Korea slimming patch,slimming patch for weight loss

Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:sheenzi or OEM
Model Number:SP001
Package:English package box
function:weight loss
usage:losing weight

2015 Korea slimming patch,slimming patch for weight loss

Slimming patch

Adopt the years of clinical experience and international advanced liquid. xtracted technical,combine active.substances essence from more than 9 kinds of natural valuable medicines,to accomplish this slimming patches.Observation on therapeutic effect of acupoint sticking therapy on simple.obesity without any side effect. Opsonize disease of digestive system,eliminate rubbish in vivo,accelerate the elimination of toxic, comprehensive regulating our body, could helps treat obesity from basic.

1. Stimulate acupoint of our body by the medicines, Enhances circulation,and cellular permeability, adjust endocrine, improved digest, Completely eliminate the human factor of fat.


1) Restore normal function of the human body metabolism:


2) Adjust gastrointestinal tract, pancreas and internal organs:




Pastes patch to the navel or Guanyuan hole,or wherever you want to slim,it could be used in several holes at the same time.




After using,these people who are Spleen Deficiency  will have a mild diarrhea,fatigue ,these symptoms  are belong to normal reaction.It could be used again,but if it happens several times again,it should stop to use.


Allergic Plaster patients,before use, you could coat with a thin Creams around the navel,then paste the patch,it will not allergy.


ingredients 100% natural ingredients, NO Rebound,NO Side Effect,safe
logo can print your logo
package 10 patches/box or 30 patches/box, English package
certificate CE
delivery time within 5 days

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