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2016 in stock eco laundry ball/ far infrared ray washing ball

Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:OEM
Usage:Home Appliance
Feature:Eco-Friendly, Stocked

Our laundry ball has fragrance! smells very nice



1. Washing ball is a kind of scientific and environmental cleaning products without detergent. It consist of several purely natural minerals, like tourmaline, medical stone, meerschaum, quartz powder, bio-activation ceramic and so on.

During washing, the multi-function washing particles release a lot of negative ion and powerful far infrared ray.They willtruncate hydrogen bonding of water molecular, make water molecular micron-crystallized and form activated water.Meanwhile,it lower water ORP and surface tension, increase PH value, thus water molecular permeate clothing fiber easily and make besmirch loose immediately from fiber.Under stiring of washing machine,besmirch break away from fiber promptly.

2.It will isolate free chlorine in water and strengthen the effects of bleaching and stains cleaning. Thus it is powerful in removing besmirch and impurities.

3.It will isolate HO2 ion in water,which is the main part of bleaching.It can destroy pigment molecules conjugated double bond, so implement the function of color reduction,bleaching and brightening



1.      This product collects high efficiency in cleaning, destaining of heavily soiled substrates, Peroxide bleacher, dechlorination, deflavour in one device.

2.      Unique blue washing factor has strong soil removability,it can efficiently remove stains and clean our clothes easily.

3.      Without phosphor, boron harmful chemicals,healthy and no residue.

4.      Unique active materials biodegradability is over 95%, with environmental protection function.

5.      Specially added bleach factor will make white clothes become whiter, colorful clothes be brighter.

6.      Full-featured washing functions,with humanization and popular design.

7.      Suitable for family comprehensive clothes daily washing.

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Laundry Washing Ball

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