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2016 Hydrogen water Generator

Place of Origin:China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Sheenzi
Function:preventing heart disease, diabetes, cancer
Feature:Gas reaches 1000-1500 ppb
Application:Clean drinking water

Sheenzi Hydrogen water Generator 
Sheenzi Hydrogen water is a strong antioxidant with high reduction potential to neutralize and prevent the harmful oxidative effects of  free radicals. It also has micro-clustered water structure for superior hydration.
1.As an antioxidant, Hydrogen Water is beneficial in:
It’s can (slows aging and helps rejuvenating cells)
Detoxification (improves general well-being and smell of the body)
It’s can preventing such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer.
Portable  – Use it anywhere, anytime to produce fresh hydrogen-water!
Hydrogen Water is most beneficial if consumed immediately.after production. 
The concentration of dissolved hydrogen is decreasing by time. 
Hydrogen is the smallest and lightest atom containing only one proton and one electron only.
This "atomic" form of hydrogen (H+) it is very unstable and highly reactive.
In the "molecular" form of hydrogen (H2),
Two hydrogen atoms provide their (one + one) electrons to make the first and only electron shell more stable, but it is still very reactive.
Vitality and Energy

Hydrogen water provides extra energy for your overall well-being and vitality.
Hydrogen Water provides:
Superior hydration – The smaller size, micro-clustered water can be easily absorbed into the cells, providing superior hydration on cellular level.
Hydrogen penetrates easily through cell membranes, since it is the smallest and lightest element. It can reach all organs within minutes.
Antioxidant – in other words – reduction potential – means a high concentration of electrons and tendency to donate those electrons to neutralize the harmful free radicals (starving for electrons), therefore, protecting the body.
Detoxification – The micro-clustered water is excellent for detoxification, because of its high solubility and permeability. It helps dissolving and flushing out acidic solid waste and toxins accumulated in the body.
Hydrogen is the only antioxidant that doesn’t become free radical by loosing its electron. Reacting with oxygen, it becomes water, further helping the cleansing process.
Ideal biological environment, where no bacteria or virus can live.
Water molecules assemble clusters. Regular tap water has 15 to 20 molecules per cluster. During the electrolysis process large water clusters get reduced to smaller, so-called "micro-clusters" of 4 to 6 molecules per cluster.

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