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2016 high quality Original real factory Aroma ear candle

Properties:Other, Rehabilitation Therapy Supplies
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Model Number:E938A
Type:Bathroom Safety Equipments


What is ear candle?


Ear candle is a hollow wax stick with special technics, with main ingredients as natural honey, Moxa grass and pure vegetation Essential oil. the metabolism process that ear candles apply is that one end to put into ear hole and another end to be lighted, under theory of vacuum, the Heat energy produced will gradually enter the ear, loose the Earwax and eliminate the pore’s waste. Ear candles can keep the ear drum clean, improve hearing, decrease tinnitus, promote lymph circulation, and release the pressure inside the cranial cavity.


During the lighting, the Essential oil will be completely absorbed by skin, thus the toxins inside body and cranium will be discharged from the body, which can result in a special effect of loosing nerves, and pressure, improving the sleeplessness, and removing the pains


Competitive price! beeswax ears candle


Aromatic Ear Candle Ingredients :


organic plant materials,


natural beeswax, beeswax,


purified essential oil,


hand-crafted ,


in full compliance with environmental requirements.



How to use ear candles at home


     Relieve your stress and find your inner peace through our ear candling treatment. It is effective in reducing earache, itchiness of ears, headache, migraine, ear noise, stress and nervous tension.

     You will be definitely amazed by the face lift effect and a freer nasal breathing and improved sense of smell, even when the nose was blocked before the treatment. Most important of all, it will invoke your inner peace and bring along a sense of well-being.

     Traditions usage of ear candles, to select excellent beeswax, include Honey extracts,  traditions herbal as Salvia,Serin peach,Camomile and pure natural herbal oil, made with pure cotton.


Each ear candles cubit 23cm, with a filter to avoid the ear wax to flow backwards.

Please read carefully the usage before you start. 
Subject to prepare a wet towel around the ear area, it is advisable to be by a second person, 
(Do not use by yourself)

Also prepare a glass of water beside yourself. To watch out the flame for your hair. 
Light up the ear candles about 20 second and gently put into the outer ear passage, 
Until burn down to 7 cm, be carefully put the ear candles in to the water.


Keep out of reach under 15 age children an expectant mother, over-sensitive for wax and beeswax, 
Ear disease, and have thyroid gland, please do not use.








Your partner will hold the ear candle firmly in place throughout the process and take care that no hair is within reach of the flame. Each ear candle has a burning time of 10-12 minutes. It may burn down to 1 cm above the red line marking at the most. Just remove the remainder of the ear candle carefully and extinguish it in the glass of water ready nearby. Remember to treat both ears one after the other, each with a new ear candle. After the treatment, rest for 15-30 minutes to support the overall result.


1.Tender rosemary – Blue


Efficacy on skin: eliminating swelling and bags under the eyes, promoting hair growth, getting rid of dandruff, astringing skin


Efficacy on body: eliminating mental fatigue and stress caused by a variety of discomforts.


2.Icy and crystal tea – Green


Efficacy on skin: suitable for oily skin, astringing and unblocking pores, improving secretion, and eliminating dandruff.


Efficacy on body: stimulating cranial nerves. improving thinking




3.Romantic Rose – Rose




Efficacy on skin: insulation, whitening and anti-wrinkle, the king of the flowers for beauty.




Efficacy on body: aphrodisiac, antidepressant, relieving stress and pleasing.


4.Lavender of dreams- Purple


Efficacy on skin: promoting new cell growth, balancing oil secretion, removing scars, suitable for any Skin.


Efficacy on body: balancing emotions, eliminating anxiety, refreshing and hypnotic


5.Tranquil bergamot – light yellow or Pink


Efficacy on skin: anti-bacteria and sterilization, treatment of acne, suitable for oily skin.


Efficacy on body: stabilization, refreshment , eliminating depression, stress and fatigue




6.Sweet orange orange




Efficacy on skin: replenishing water and moisturizing, removing wrinkles, getting rid of stretch marks and scars, and enhancing cell viability, protecting the skin.




Efficacy on body: relieving depression, anxiety, nervous tension and menopausal disorders.


7.Fresh Mint – White


Efficacy on skin: suitable for oily skin, treatment of acne, blackheads and pimples, astringing pores and detoxification.


Efficacy on body: refreshing, comforting mood, eliminating fatigue, concentration



8.Sweet and tranquil Sandal – coffee(brown)


Efficacy on skin: moisturizing the aging skin, softening the skin, nourished the skin and removing wrinkles, increasing elasticity.


Efficacy on body: eliminating mental depression, easing, bettering sleep quality.


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